Coffee Is Not A Meal

A cup of coffee a day

When I am at a Health Fair people walk up to my table and say. I am exercising but, I’m not losing any weight. I usually have a list of questions to ask them however, one of my first questions, I ask, what did you eat for breakfast; they reply, “I had a cup of coffee or I skipped breakfast”. I tell them coffee is not a meal and you need to eat in order to lose the weight. You are slowing down your metabolism. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a couple of cups of coffee a day myself. I now add coffee to my protein shake in the morning.

“Maybe you shouldn’t feel so bad after grabbing your cup of coffee! A recent study found that the risk of diabetes dropped 7% for each cup of coffee consumed daily. Obviously, lifestyle factors play a large role here as well and TOO MUCH coffee IS a bad thing. So, drink in moderation and know that you’re getting some positive benefit aside from the needed energy boost!”- Dr. Andra Campitelli

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