Wilma has truly changed my life, my lifestyle, and my body!  I was never heavy.  I have always been a medium-sized frame that I maintained mostly with diet.  Though I was never heavy, I never felt satisfied with my body shape and my propensity to gain weight easily.  I attributed my weight loss woes to genetics, and I have strived to be lean and fit for over 20 years, essentially since middle school.

Prior to my December 2011 wedding, I managed to slim down to 126 pounds.  I admit that stress and starvation rather than diet and exercise made it possible for me to achieve this weight in time for the BIG day!  When I met Wilma and began training in October 2012, my weight had jumped back up to 135 pounds.

Once I began training with Wilma, she taught me some basic fundamentals about diet and fitness.  I learned how the body processes protein and carbohydrates, and most importantly, the devastating impact of sugar in one’s diet.  Within 3 months, I achieved my weight loss goal.  In fact, I dropped to 120 pounds!!

In 20 years, I have never achieved the fitness and weight goals I have desired until I began training with Wilma.  I work out 5-6 times a week and eat a clean diet.  In these 6 months, I have lost over 16 pounds at my lowest weigh-in.  My blood work reflects this milestone too – my cholesterol and triglyceride levels are amazing!!  Remarkably, I have taken 3 extended trips of 2 weeks or greater during this time period without gaining much weight at all.  I am able to cheat on my diet more so now because of my increased metabolism, but I try my best not to cheat since I’m constantly reminded of the fundamentals instilled in me by Wilma.  I actually feel the impact of eating poorly on my body even though it doesn’t immediately translate as weight gain on the scale.

I love the fact that I’m fit and energetic, and slowly but surely I’m starting to develop muscle tone and strength.  Wilma has inspired me to continue this lifestyle forever.  I know I will age well and stay strong long into the future as long as I practice Wilma’s preachings. Meenu, DC Metro Area


When I began searching for a personal trainer, I must admit that I didn’t feel confident that I would find a good one.  I knew that I needed some guidance in getting myself on track to reaching my weight loss goals and I had not had much luck with trainers in the past. Nonetheless, I forged ahead and I am glad that I did because I found Wilma!

I have worked with Wilma for close to a month now and I feel very positive about her.  She has provided me with helpful information on nutrition and portion control – making persuasive suggestions while holding me accountable to my diet.  Wilma also takes the time to listen to my physical concerns and adjusts my workouts accordingly.  I appreciate that she keeps my concerns in mind while still pushing me enough to produce results.  I already feel myself getting stronger and some of my clothing fits more loosely.

For me, the most significant thing about Wilma is that I don’t feel judged. Believe it or not some trainers project a bias against their overweight clients. I feel no such bias with Wilma. I feel as though she takes me as I am and understands my struggle with weight and that she is willing and able to coach me along my journey to health and fitness. Kali, Washington DC



I am happy to send this email as a reference for Body Beyond Fit \ Wilma McFadden. What is really helpful for me is the fact that Wilma trains at her site or travels to client homes. It has been wonderful and convenient to have her train with me at my apartment  complex. What sets Wilma apart from the personal trainers I’ve seen in the past is her personal interest in a holistic approach. Wilma focuses on both physical fitness well as nutrition, providing clients with tools and tips she has personally used to succeed. Wilma leads by example. She is passionate about health and wellness and it is insatiable and contagious.

The journey for healthy living isn’t easy and change takes commitment. Wilma is someone that I’m glad to have join me in my wellness journey and I highly recommend her to all. –  Best, Kim